Classic Materials Applied Futuristically

To say that installing granite on a 275 foot tall building is an enormous undertaking would be an understatement. Traditionally this would require multiple masons climbing to install each 225 pound stone one at a time by hand.

But when one of the largest stone construction project in New England was put in the hands of Total Wall Systems, the traditional way of doing a stone job was completely revolutionized by panelizing the stone and designing a custom hanging system. This allowed for a running bond installation of 45,000 square feet of stone to be installed with the combination of cameras, monitors and a crane operator.

The result a safer construction approach, smaller on-site footprint, and a project schedule that was able to be shortened by months.

TWS outfitted their team with exoskeleton suits, making heavy lifting easier on site.
Cranes were operated with a joystick and navigated using cameras and monitors. This approach made installation of heavy stone pieces a breeze.
The installation techniques used on the building were among the first of its kind – no one had taken a panelized approach to stone in this manner before.
45,000 square feet of granite façade was used for this building exterior – covering a 275 foot tall building with a running bond install.
Panel Materials: Stone
Installation Method: Panelization