Success Can
Come Early

There are certain projects where time really is of the essence. And when a pharmaceutical company like Insulet is relocating their manufacturing from China to the U.S., timing is essential. For those who rely on Insulet’s products, their health depends on it.

Total Wall Systems was brought onto this project to meet a demanding schedule. But TWS was able to exceed expectations: TWS had the entire panelization project fabricated and on trucks two months in advance of construction.

Through in-house fabrication, TWS used innovative panelized wall systems combined with a custom porcelain rainscreen façade. The project was ready earlier than it was needed and was ready to be transported to the site on-demand.

The proposed building was originally designed for a stick-built approach, but the best way to meet the timeline was TWS’s panelized approach.
With TWS’s ingenuity, capabilities, and experience, the construction timelines were met and Insulet was able to begin production on their target date.
TWS is a trusted partner for many pharma and medical construction projects due to their deep understanding and extensive training in preparing and constructing cleanrooms that meet strict purification and sterility codes.
insulet Science Building
Panel Materials: Fiber Cement, Glass
Installation Method: Panelization