CASE STUDY | Waterville, ME
An Exercise in
Bespoke Design

Colby College redefined their campus experience with the addition of their Athletic Complex. The building serves as a beacon, welcoming athletes, students and faculty every day to a facility that is one of a kind.

This $250 million project was a large investment in the campus and a symbol of Colby’s commitment to excellence. Architectural firm Hopkins accomplished this by designing a ground-breaking custom facade. By teaming with TWS early in the design assist phase, they were able to to make this vision a reality.

The innovative custom building envelope was constructed without the use of any mechanical fasteners. To make sure the building envelope would perform in Maine’s demanding weather conditions, TWS built and tested prototypes accordingly, ensuring optimal seasonal performance. The result is a comprehensive athletic facility widely considered among the best in the country.

This 350,000 square foot facility contains different temperature and humidity environments including a natatorium, ice rink and gymnasium.
Interior and exterior details are elegant and streamlined to integrate with the entire building’s structure and aesthetics.
Custom extrusion meant that less steel was used, 90% fewer screw penetrations were needed and overall aesthetics were visually improved.
Colby Athletic Complex